As Gaza faces its greatest challenge, you generosity can create huge impact through Project Us Foundation

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Our Promise to You: 100% Donation Policy

We are proud to be supported in our work by the potential and strength of Hejaz Finance. Our 100% donation policy means every single donation goes the whole way in reaching those in need

Hot Meals

Hot meals to support Gaza’s needy.
Fully Zakat-eligible
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Orphan Sponsorship

Save & support orphans in Gaza. $80/month per orphan.
Fully Zakat-eligible
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Gaza Food Packs

Feed the most needy in Gaza. $80/box per family.
Fully Zakat-eligible
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Sadaqah emergency packs

Enable medicine, healthcare and sanitary packs in Gaza. $50/share
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Daily Sadaqah Giving

Set up easy, daily charity in 3 steps! Guarantee your reward
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Zakat al-Fitr

Share the joy of Eid in Gaza. $18/share
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your Zakat creates immediate impact in Gaza

In the last 6 months, Gaza has experienced suffering on an unprecedented scale. We’re gearing up with partners on the ground up to ensure we reach the most needy (children, women, elderly) as soon as possible. Join this urgent mission.

Gaza Food Packs - Be the Best of People

The Prophet (SAW) said “The best of you are those who feed others”. This Ramadan, be the best of people by helping feed the fasting people of Gaza. At just $80 per pack, it is your chance for immense reward!

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About Project Us Foundation

Project Us Foundation is the Australia-based Islamic charity connected to Hejaz, the pioneering leader in Islamic Finance. Passionate about the Ummah locally and abroad, our mission is to support our people wherever they are, and to create an independent, resilient Ummah capable of building and rebuilding ourselves.

Boosted by our 100% donation policy, your Zakat and Sadaqah help us achieve both urgent and long-term goals.

This Ramadan, join our mission to focus aid to where it is most needed right now: our people in Gaza. May Allah subhana wa ta'ala reward you for your support!

Sadaqah powering Gaza’s recovery. Give a share today.

Your Sadaqah can help get Gaza back on its feet. At just $50 a share, one share of Sadaqah contains hygiene kits, blankets, drinking water and infant essentials!

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Sponsor an Orphan. Build Gaza’s Future

Gaza’s orphans have been left devastated. Without parents, protection and with an entire population displaced, they need Muslims around the world to step up.

Your sponsorship can be life-changing. For just $80 a month, you can completely transform an orphan’s life.

The Prophet (SAW) said: ‘I and the one who looks after an orphan will be like this in Paradise’ (holding his middle and index fingers together then separating them) [Bukhari].

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