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Let’s Empower our Communities through Zakat & Sadaqah donations

Our mission is to forge strong, independent, and resilient communities capable of driving meaningful change.  

We do this by providing positive economic and social impacts to the lives of Muslims via programmes that serve the needs of our community in Australia and abroad.  

Through your Zakat and Sadaqah, boosted by our 100% donation policy, we will implement our outreach initiatives allowing for maximum positive outcome.  

Be part of this movement as we protect, empower, and honour our communities. Your actions today shape the world of tomorrow.

Halal Fresh Food Bags
Orphan Care
Mentoring Vulnerable Children
Elder Muslim Care
Free Educational Programs


Halal fresh food bags for families and upskilling through education
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Care for Muslim orphans and those in foster care
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Physical and mental well-being programmes to enrich their golden years
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Halal fresh food boxes for families and upskilling through education
Learn More


Care for Muslim orphans and those in foster care
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Physical and mental well-being programmes to enrich their golden years
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Global Reach

Uniting Hearts

Our world needs compassion and unity more than ever. Project Us Foundation aims to bring our communities together by serving them through our programmes.  

Your Zakat and Sadaqah donations will directly improve the lives of our community, children and elderly – domestically and globally – while creating a legacy of your deeds.

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What is the Mission of the Project Us Foundation?

Project Us’ mission is to inspire, uplift and support ourcommunity domestically and globally by providing them with access and opportunities for them to flourish and succeed while caring for them with immediate relief and aid.

We will authentically deliver our Islamic values while committing to being transparent and efficient, focusing on helping the members of our community who are struggling, serving them with dignity and respect while maximising the impacts of your donations.

Together, as a community united by compassion and dedication, we are determined to transform lives and elevate the Muslim not-for-profit sector. Through our commitment to these our giving initiatives, we strive to make a lasting difference and sow the seeds of hope and positivity for generations to come.


It all starts with Us. We are Project Us.

What is the Vision?

Our vision is simple but mighty. We exist to serve and elevate our community. The beneficiaries are our recipients and your akirah.

We believe is activating a flourishing and compassionate society rooted in our Islamic values, where we strive to authentically embody the principles of generosity, empathy, and care for others.

What will Project Us focus on?

We will focus on:

-      Strengthening family bonds,

-      Provide fresh and nutritious food for those who are financially struggling.

-      We will care for Muslim orphans

-      We will care for Aussie Muslim kids that require foster care

-      We will support our amazing elderly Aussie Muslims by teaching them how to read the Quran from scratch

-      We will provide our community with free programs to support good health and upskill their knowledge.


Our aim is to create a positive and lasting impact on the Australian Muslim community and beyond.

What types of programs and initiatives does the foundation support?

We proudly support 3 giving initiatives


1.    Community

PROTECT Us Programs

Our Community Initiative aims to nurture stronger family bonds and promote healthy relationships and Islamic connection. With the cost-of-living skyrocketing, we will deliver fresh and nutritious food bags to those facing financial stress, while empowering them with free resources like financial and computer literacy courses for greater independence.                                                    


2.    Children

EMPOWER Us Programs

Our Children Initiative focuses on improving the lives of orphans caring for their education, health, and well-being. As well as offering employment training and opportunities, enabling them to thrive as independent adults.

We also address the growing issue of Muslim children requiring foster care, ensuring they maintain their cultural and religious identity by providing supportive environments and networks.


3.    Elderly

Honour Us Programs

Our Elderly Initiative honours our heroes, our mothers, fathers, and risk-takers. We provide Health and well-being programs i.e. how to manage changes to your physical, mental and well-being.


We also provide them free access to programs that teaches them to read the Quran! Starting with the basics of reading Arabic and the aim to read the Quran.

How can I help?

Become a volunteer and/or donate towards fresh food bag, helping our elderly read the Quran, support an Orphan, support children in the foster care system and support our community gain access to free courses to improve and assist their independence.

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