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United for Gaza Distribution
United for Gaza DistributionUnited For Gaza Distribution
United for Gaza Distribution
Support the Ummah. Earn Daily Reward
Through Project Us, your Sadaqah will provide essential aid to those suffering in Gaza this Ramadan, giving them a chance to survive and rebuild!

Automate your Sadaqah /
giving during Ramadan

Our Promise to You: 100% Donation Policy

We are proud to be supported in our work by the potential and strength of Hejaz Finance. Our 100% donation policy means every single donation goes the whole way in reaching those in need.

Hot Iftar Meals

Hot iftar meals to support Gaza’s needy. Fully Zakat-eligible
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Orphan Sponsorship

Save & support orphans in Gaza. $80/month per orphan.
Fully Zakat-eligible
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Ramadan Food Packs

Feed the most needy this Ramadan. $80/box per family.
Fully Zakat-eligible
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