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At Project Us Foundation, our commitment extends to nurturing and safeguarding the future of our children. We are focused on enhancing the lives of children in foster care and orphaned children by offering them the best opportunities to thrive and succeed. Join us as we break the cycle of instability and disadvantage these children face.

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With your Zakat or Sadaqah (donations), you will help our mission to create effective and life-changing programmes for our beneficiaries.


Every child deserves the stability and nurturance of a family yet more than 150 million children globally are orphaned and left in foster care, orphanages or roaming the streets. Many of these are Muslim children needing our support.

As Muslims, the orphans have a special place. The Prophet (saw) was himself an orphan. He once also said “The one who cares for an orphan and myself will be together in Paradise life this” and he puts his two fingers together to illustrate (Bukhari).

Supporting an orphan is a key amanah and trust of our ummah.

This is our call to make a difference in an orphan’s life around the world including in Palestine, Syria, Turkiye, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Lebanon and Yemen.

Each orphan, despite their life situation is deserving of their full potential. Each child has an aspiration that you can help to fulfill.

Your donation goes into

Feeding an Orphan
Educating an Orphan
Supporting their medical health and mental development 
Supporting the employment opportunities of teenage orphans to be independent  

Your donation increases your
blessings and rewards

Educate an Orphan

Your donation helps to pay for a child’s school fees, books, uniforms and access to other educational expenses. 
$ 40/mth 
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Care for an Orphan’s medical and wellbeing costs 

Your donation supports a child’s access to medical, mental health and other wellbeing and developmental support services. 
$ 40/mth 
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Feed an Orphan 

Your donation feed’s a child’s daily meals, or as pocket money for lunch in school.
$ 60/mth 
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Sponsor an Orphan 

Your donation supports the entire spectrum of a child’s needs to support achieve his or her full potential. This includes, education, food, medical and wellbeing and shelter.
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Sponsor the employment training of an older orphan 

Your donation supports the employment training of older orphans to enable them to leave orphanages and start an independent life and pursue their aspirations. 
$ 100/mth 
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Sponsorship matching to an orphan 

This donation allows you to sponsor a specific child and secure annual reports on the child’s development in the year. 
$ 190/year 
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Project Us works closely with children’s agencies and orphanages globally to ensure that your funds go 100% into supporting the orphans directly.

Project Us strictly observes all child safety protocols and legal obligations in carrying out a service to minors.

Creating Stable Homes

Nurturing Muslim children in the foster care system.

We provide Aussie Muslim children supportive events and environments that allow them to maintain their Islamic and cultural identity and well as giving them access to our mentoring programs for them to thrive through the instability they face.

The number of Muslim children requiring foster care, due to family challenges such as violence, abuse and homelessness, is growing. This highlights the critical need for an Islamic home environment that preserves their cultural and religious identity.

Project Us Foundation plays a pivotal role in providing crucial assistance to abused and neglected children. Our goal is also to strengthen the role of the family and advocate that children remain in family care. Your donation contributes to the care, love and support that abused and neglected Australian Muslim children need to flourish.

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What is the Mission of the Project Us Foundation?

Project Us’ mission is to inspire, uplift and support ourcommunity domestically and globally by providing them with access and opportunities for them to flourish and succeed while caring for them with immediate relief and aid.

We will authentically deliver our Islamic values while committing to being transparent and efficient, focusing on helping the members of our community who are struggling, serving them with dignity and respect while maximising the impacts of your donations.

Together, as a community united by compassion and dedication, we are determined to transform lives and elevate the Muslim not-for-profit sector. Through our commitment to these our giving initiatives, we strive to make a lasting difference and sow the seeds of hope and positivity for generations to come.


It all starts with Us. We are Project Us.

What is the Vision?

Our vision is simple but mighty. We exist to serve and elevate our community. The beneficiaries are our recipients and your akirah.

We believe is activating a flourishing and compassionate society rooted in our Islamic values, where we strive to authentically embody the principles of generosity, empathy, and care for others.

What will Project Us focus on?

We will focus on:

-      Strengthening family bonds,

-      Provide fresh and nutritious food for those who are financially struggling.

-      We will care for Muslim orphans

-      We will care for Aussie Muslim kids that require foster care

-      We will support our amazing elderly Aussie Muslims by teaching them how to read the Quran from scratch

-      We will provide our community with free programs to support good health and upskill their knowledge.


Our aim is to create a positive and lasting impact on the Australian Muslim community and beyond.

What types of programs and initiatives does the foundation support?

We proudly support 3 giving initiatives


1.    Community

PROTECT Us Programs

Our Community Initiative aims to nurture stronger family bonds and promote healthy relationships and Islamic connection. With the cost-of-living skyrocketing, we will deliver fresh and nutritious food bags to those facing financial stress, while empowering them with free resources like financial and computer literacy courses for greater independence.                                                    


2.    Children

EMPOWER Us Programs

Our Children Initiative focuses on improving the lives of orphans caring for their education, health, and well-being. As well as offering employment training and opportunities, enabling them to thrive as independent adults.

We also address the growing issue of Muslim children requiring foster care, ensuring they maintain their cultural and religious identity by providing supportive environments and networks.


3.    Elderly

Honour Us Programs

Our Elderly Initiative honours our heroes, our mothers, fathers, and risk-takers. We provide Health and well-being programs i.e. how to manage changes to your physical, mental and well-being.


We also provide them free access to programs that teaches them to read the Quran! Starting with the basics of reading Arabic and the aim to read the Quran.

How can I help?

Become a volunteer and/or donate towards fresh food bag, helping our elderly read the Quran, support an Orphan, support children in the foster care system and support our community gain access to free courses to improve and assist their independence.

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