Not all Australian Muslim children have proper access to education, healthcare, or nutrition. Join the Project Us Foundation in shaping their brighter future.

The number of Australian Muslim children in need of care due to their disadvantages is increasing. Moreover, these children face unique challenges, not only grappling with adversity but also the trauma of abuse and neglect while striving to keep their cultural and religious identity.

This growing number calls for a community-driven approach focused on empathy and support. By recognizing their unique experiences and extending a helping hand, we can pave the way for a more compassionate and inclusive society, ensuring that no child is left behind.  

Empathy and Support for Australian Muslim Children

Of September 2021, there were approximately 46,000 children in Australia in need of foster care, with a worrying increase in the number of these children coming from the Muslim community. They are often victims of violence, abuse, or homelessness, finding themselves in situations marked by instability and disadvantage.

As a community, it's crucial to create a caring environment for these vulnerable children, offering them sense of belonging, love, and connection to their Islamic and cultural heritage. By being inclusive and understanding, we can help them become strong individuals who can positively affect society's future.

Project Us Foundation for Australian Muslim Children

The Project Us Foundation was established to support disadvantaged Australian Muslim children. The foundation organizes a range of programs specifically designed for them, included family days featuring Islamic and culturally focused activities that help them reconnect with their faith, local Imams, and identity.

By fostering a sense of belonging and community, the foundation strives to create a nurturing environment where these children can develop a strong sense of identity and resilience, preparing them for a successful and fulfilling future. Learn more about our diverse range of initiatives below:

Mentoring Program

This program plays a vital role in the personal and professional development of children, providing them with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate life's challenges. These children are not just recipients of care; they are empowered to thrive as independent individuals, capable of shaping their own futures.

Strengthening the Role of Family

The Project Us Foundation aims to strengthen the role of family for these children, helping them stay with their families instead of entering foster care. By providing support, education, and resources, we create stable and loving homes for children's growth and happiness.

Be the Light for Australian Muslim Children

Children are the building blocks of our future society. Their growth, development, and well-being are crucial for the progress and sustainability of our world. Supporting their education, health, and overall growth is essential in shaping a generation that can handle future challenges.

Your support can make a significant difference in the lives of Australian Muslim children. By donating to the Project Us Foundation, you actively contribute to our mission of providing resources, education, and care. Ensuring a brighter and more secure future for these young individuals.

Together, we can create a lasting impact, ensuring that these children have the resources and care they need to succeed. Our 100% donation policy ensures that we use all contributions for giving initiatives, enabling your donation to have maximum effectiveness. Donate today and be a part of positive change!

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